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Year 5 Remembrance Assembly

On Friday 9th November Year 5 paid their respects to all that lost their lives in the First World War. All children created a moving and inspiring assembly looking at those who have been affected by war and how we can help today through buying a Poppy to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Thank you to everyone who came and joined our Remembrance Day assembly, Year 5 did themselves very proud!

4LD need plastic bottles!

Next week in 4LD we are hoping to make Remembrance Day Poppies. In order to make them we will need empty large drinks plastic bottles. Plastic bottles (1.5L or 2L bottles are best) with the poppy like shape on the bottom. If you have any at home could you please send them in!







History Heroes!

Year 1, 4, 5 and 6 have made a great start on their History journeys this half term! To commemorate those special individuals that have shown great enthusiasm, knowledge and interest in their topics I have given out History Awards to show how much we appreciate their efforts!

Fantastic work everyone!

1AW – Mieszko Janiszewski

1HH – Lucas Bartlett-Taylor

4LD – Louis Connell

5AR – William Thompson

5SH – Jay Pownall

6SS – Oliver Waterhouse

6TW – Joseph Woods

A letter from the Mayor of London

Last year, the old 5AR (new 6NO) took part in The Clean Air Day on 21st June 2018. Throughout the day we looked at the importance of having clean air for both us and the environment, whilst also looking at ways we can reduce air pollution in big cities such as Manchester and London.

For one of our activities we wrote a letter to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, outlining our plans to improve air pollution. We sent the letters off and a few months later we got a reply! The letter was very personal and both Mr Russell and the old 5AR were thrilled to receive it.