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African Masks and Projects

WOW- What a productive half term!

Thank you to all the children in 2MC who have worked so hard on their African projects at home and on their African masks at school. The children have really enjoyed exploring what life is like in Kenya and how it compares to theirs, as well as writing such descriptive African stories in class with fantastic vocabulary. Well done 2MC!



Umbrella Investigation

This week in our Science lesson, 2MR carried out an investigation to find the most waterproof material to make a suitable umbrella for an African animal. The materials we tested were felt, foil and paper. We talked about how to keep our investigation ‘a fair test’ and the children were able to come up with different ways to keep it fair.  They decided that using the same number of sprays of water would keep it fair and spraying the water from the same height.  Our investigation showed  us that foil was the most suitable material for an umbrella and kept the animals dry. The children really enjoyed doing the experiment and showed a great understanding of how to keep the test fair.  

2MR’s visit to the Library.

Yesterday 2MR enjoyed their trip to the library. We met a lady called Lynda at the library who showed us all the books and explained where to find different types of books. We listened to Lynda read two stories and then got the chance to explore the books ourselves. Miss Robinson chose 5 special books for us to borrow from the library to read during our story time in class. Thank you for all the parents that joined us on the visit, it was lovely to see so many of you come along!