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Gruffalo Hunt

On Friday 30th November in Year 1 we went on a very exciting Gruffalo Hunt!

We followed the clues and directions around Year 1 and the animals from the Gruffalo were hidden in different places. We turned left and right and we used a compass to help us to move North, South, East and West. Then we wrote our own directions for how to get back from the library to our classrooms. It was great fun!

Poo Problem!

Year 1 have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in Science.

Mrs Harrison brought in some cat food for us to look at and some fish food.  Mrs Wilde brought in rabbit food.  The fish flakes and blood worms were a bit smelly! 

Then we met Zoe the Zookeeper and she had a problem to solve … which animal had escaped and left some poo on the path?

We looked at the zoo map to see which animal enclosures were close by.

Then we looked closely at some different animal poo to decide which animal it had come from.

There was a large elephant poo with hay and grass in and a tiger poo with small bones and crushed bones in.


Finally we decided that the poo on the path came from an omnivore because we found leaves, grass, hay and crushed animal bones in it!  We think it was probably a cheeky monkey because their enclosure was close by.


It was a bit disgusting but fun at the same time.

Well done for helping Zoe to solve her problem Year 1!


Anti- Bullying Week

Thank you to all the children at St Joseph’s for showing such a mature attitude towards anti-bullying week. It has been great to hear the children’s ideas and hear how we can help others and most importantly how we can work together as part of God’s family to love and care for one another in school. 

The children enjoyed a show from the Power of One Theatre Company as well as having class debates, designing posters, learning songs and chants about RESPECT  and wearing odd socks to show their support for anti- bullying.

Here are a few pictures from across the infants :

Well done to the children who won the anti- bullying poster competition!

Look out for your designs to be seen around school! 

What we’re learning in Year 1

This is what we will be learning this half term:


  • Mary the Mother of God
  • Family and Community


  • Following and drawing maps
  • Using simple directions


  • Reading and writing captions for pictures
  • Forming letters correctly
  • Using adjectives and verbs
  • Focus Books: Dear Zoo and The Gruffalo


  • Place Value to 20
  • Addition/Subtraction to 10
  • Geometry- Shape
  • Problem Solving

Science – Animals

  • Identifying what animals eat
  • Sorting animals into groups according to their features
  • Carrying out simple investigations


  • Online safety & exploring purple mash
  • Grouping and Sorting


  • Singing and playing percussion instruments
  • Investigating long and short sounds (duration)

Design and Techology: Mechanisms

  • Explore sliders and levers
  • Design, make and evaluate their own moving Christmas decoration

PSHE – Living in the Wider World 

  • Health and well-being – including bullying and road safety


  • Gymnastics
  • Net and wall games

History Heroes!

Year 1, 4, 5 and 6 have made a great start on their History journeys this half term! To commemorate those special individuals that have shown great enthusiasm, knowledge and interest in their topics I have given out History Awards to show how much we appreciate their efforts!

Fantastic work everyone!

1AW – Mieszko Janiszewski

1HH – Lucas Bartlett-Taylor

4LD – Louis Connell

5AR – William Thompson

5SH – Jay Pownall

6SS – Oliver Waterhouse

6TW – Joseph Woods