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All you need is love!

Year 1 performed their assembly on Friday.  It was all about love!

First they told us about St Valentine who was killed because he helped the Roman soldiers to get married.  Then the children shared their wonderful posters about what love means to them.

The children sang the songs ‘All you need is love’ by the Beatles and It’s Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy to see how much Jesus loves me.’

They told the story ‘No Matter What’ by Debi Gloria and prayed to God to help us show love to others.

Well done Year 1. You were fantastic!

The Epiphany

Year 1 have been learning about the Epiphany.

We talked about why the wise men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Then the children each said the gifts they would give to baby Jesus. They had some lovely ideas like diamonds, their favourite teddy, a soft pillow and their love.

We went to the Chapel and placed our ideas around the Nativity scene.


A penguin arrived in our playground!

Year 1 and 2 were very surprised and excited to find a penguin in our playground on Tuesday.

He was trapped inside a block of ice!

The children had lots of ideas of how we should get him out including breaking the ice with a hammer, putting it somewhere warm and pouring on warm water to make the ice melt.


We brought the penguin into the warm classroom and poured some warm water on him.  It took all day for all the ice around him to melt.  


We voted on a name for the penguin and chose Snowflake because he comes from a cold place.

We’re going to find out lots more about penguins so we know how to look after him.  Ask us what we have found out!

What we’re learning this half term

This is what we will be learning this half term:


  • The Epiphany
  • Family and the Church Community


  • Following and drawing maps
  • Using simple directions
  • Seasons and weather around the World


  • Reading and writing sentences
  • Telling stories
  • Forming letters correctly
  • Focus Book: Lost and Found and other books by Oliver Jeffers


  • Place Value to 40
  • Addition/Subtraction to 20 using apparatus
  • Problem Solving

Science – Animals

  • Identifying different animal groups
  • knowing the five senses and how we use them
  • Sorting animals into groups according to their features
  • Carrying out simple investigations


  • Using the computer to make pictograms
  • Lego builders – following simple instructions


  • Singing and playing percussion instruments
  • Investigating pitch (high and low sounds)
  • Songs on a penguin theme!

Art: Painting

  • Learn about primary and secondary colours
  • Making lighter and darker shades
  • Printing using different materials

PSHCE – Living in the Wider World 

  • Relationships (SRE)
  • Teamwork


  • Gymnastics
  • Invasion games

Gruffalo Hunt

On Friday 30th November in Year 1 we went on a very exciting Gruffalo Hunt!

We followed the clues and directions around Year 1 and the animals from the Gruffalo were hidden in different places. We turned left and right and we used a compass to help us to move North, South, East and West. Then we wrote our own directions for how to get back from the library to our classrooms. It was great fun!

Poo Problem!

Year 1 have been learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in Science.

Mrs Harrison brought in some cat food for us to look at and some fish food.  Mrs Wilde brought in rabbit food.  The fish flakes and blood worms were a bit smelly! 

Then we met Zoe the Zookeeper and she had a problem to solve … which animal had escaped and left some poo on the path?

We looked at the zoo map to see which animal enclosures were close by.

Then we looked closely at some different animal poo to decide which animal it had come from.

There was a large elephant poo with hay and grass in and a tiger poo with small bones and crushed bones in.


Finally we decided that the poo on the path came from an omnivore because we found leaves, grass, hay and crushed animal bones in it!  We think it was probably a cheeky monkey because their enclosure was close by.


It was a bit disgusting but fun at the same time.

Well done for helping Zoe to solve her problem Year 1!