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Lego Club

KS1 are really enjoying Lego club on a Wednesday after school. The children last night were asked to make something for Saint Joseph as it had been his feast day the day before. The children had great ideas and imaginations, they made temples, church’s, crosses and could explain in detail their models.

Great team work everyone!

St Joseph’s Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating St Joseph’s Feast day.

Through the morning, the children learnt about St Joseph and in the afternoon they shared their work during Mass.  Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Nursery and Reception learnt about who St Joseph was, while Year 1 talked about what makes a good Dad and wrote his weekend news after Jesus was lost aged 12.  Year 2 were carpenters! They thought about what Joseph might have taught Jesus and made their own wooden crosses.

Year 3 made a wonderful family tree showing Joseph’s family and Year 4 found out about his flight to Egypt and wrote the diary of a refugee.  Year 5 looked at representations of St Joseph through artwork.  Finally, Year 6 talked about why he holds a lily and they became agony aunts, advising Joseph on what to do when he found out that Mary was having a baby.

Well done for all your hard work! We all know much more about St Joseph now.