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Plaza Award Evening

Mr Waldron attended The Plaza for a PE award ceremony with Florence and Amelia from Year 6. St Joseph’s won TWO awards! One for commitment towards PE and one for our Basketball and Netball link with Reddish Vale Ball Hall. Florence and Amelia also won an award each. Florence won hers for designing a Commonwealth Games poster and Amelia’s won the Sports Photographer Award! We had a lovely evening. Very well done, girls!

A letter from the Mayor of London

Last year, the old 5AR (new 6NO) took part in The Clean Air Day on 21st June 2018. Throughout the day we looked at the importance of having clean air for both us and the environment, whilst also looking at ways we can reduce air pollution in big cities such as Manchester and London.

For one of our activities we wrote a letter to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, outlining our plans to improve air pollution. We sent the letters off and a few months later we got a reply! The letter was very personal and both Mr Russell and the old 5AR were thrilled to receive it.

Welcome to 1HH.

We have all settled really well into our new routines.It was lovely to meet parents during our two Pop ins on Thursday.

We have made our Sunnygrams- we are busy bees this year!

We drew self portraits for our super display.

We sorted different materials in Science.




















What will we be learning in Year 2?

This term in Year 2 we will be covering these topics:


  • writing retells
  • using conjunctions, adjectives, capital letters and punctuation
  • letter writing
  • forming letters correctly and starting joining
  • Using our phonics to spell words correctly


  • Place Value to 100
  • Addition and subtraction – number bonds, adding and subtracting 2 digits and ones, 2 digits and tens.


  • Chosen People


  • Fieldwork – Where we live


  • Coding
  • Online Safety

Art – Drawing

  • Exploring tone and shade

Science – Living Things and their Habitats

  • Identifying things that are living, non-living and dead
  • Name different plants and animals and describe how they are suited to different habitats group animals according to what they eat , describe how animals get their food from other animals and/or from plants, and use simple food chains to describe these relationships.


  • Games – Invasion skills
  • PE – Gymnastics

PSHE – Living in the wider world

  • Health and well being

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome back to school! There is a lot to cram into this year. Here’s what we will be learning this half term.

RE – The Kingdom of God

Maths – Place Value and Four Operations

Literacy – Story writing and Information Texts

Science – Living Things and their Habitats

History – Victorian Stockport

Art – Drawing

Computing – Coding

Games – Hockey

PE – Gymnastics

PSHCE – Health and Well being

Games is on a Monday and PE on a Friday. Kits will be needed on these days.

Recorders is on a Tuesday with Mr Hallworth.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Year 6 team.

Mr Waldron, Mr Oldham and Mrs Smithies